Sabor Vallero Leaders

Rosie and Israel Coronado – Founders/Directors

(956) 453-3907 (Weslaco) —

Rosie and Israel Coronado are the pioneers of the Latin dance movement in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) since 1999. In 1998 Rosie Conquered the Cumbia Dancing World as the Champion of the Largest Cumbia Contest of the Time, Marlboro Noches De Baile Cumbia Division. Rosie took 1st Place and a $5,000 Price, one of the largest money prizes at the time. Rosie searched for a different challenge, Salsa. She Met Israel in 2001 and introduced the RGV with knowledge and structure to teach Latin dance and continue to innovate the field by creating and directing the Premier performing Latin Dance group, Sabor Vallero for over a decade. Their combined dance teaching experience expands over 25 years. Rosie and Israel have represented the Rio Grande Valley performing, instructing, judging, competing and promoting Latin and Regional dances locally, statewide, nationally and internationally at numerous events, congresses, television shows and competitions throughout their trajectory. Rosie and Israel are the creators of “Cumbia Con Con Sabor” Instructional Cumbia DVD series and creators of the newly released “Prenatal Latin Dance” Instructional DVD series. Rosie and Israel’s commitment to the Latin dance community is displayed by their involvement in non-profit organizations that promote the Latin Dance arts. They are founding board members of the Texas Association of Salsa Instructors. They promoted and participated with the Brownsville Society for the Performing Arts in the production of the Brownsville Latin Jazz Festival for 10 years. They co-founded along with the hit event South Padre Island Summer Salsa Bash for two consecutive years. Rosie and Israel are the leading sponsors of the 4th Annual RGV Salsa Heat Wave and introduced the first Latin Dance scholarship for children in the RGV. Their professional dancing careers have been augmented by their educational backgrounds. Rosie has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Israel has a Master’s of Science in Nurse Anesthesia. They have been married for 10 years with a 4-year-old son and another 1-year-old son. Both Rosie and Israel are double certified in dance instruction. They completed the certification course instructed by the dance legend Stacy Lopez from Puerto Rico in 2010. They also completed the certification course from the renowned and acclaimed choreographer, performer and Latin dance judge Tito Ortos and his Teaching Methods. Rosie and Israel continue to grow their knowledge and more importantly share their combined experience in an easy to follow method by providing clear dance instruction to both the leading and following roles in Latin Dance.


Omar Oropeza – Director

(956) 455-2027 (Brownsville, TX) —

Omar is the Performance Director of Sabor Vallero Pro-Team Division and the Artistic director of Klave FX Latin Dance Co the daughter company of Sabor Vallero. Having over 10 years of experience in Latin Rhythms and a solid foundation established by Rosie and Israel Coronado, founders of Sabor Vallero Latin Dance Co. Omar’s repertoire includes Salsa (On 1, On 2, Casino), Bachata (Classic, Dominican), BachaTango, Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue, Danzon and Cumbia. Omar’s dream to teach the community Latin dances while providing them the enjoyment of dancing and the attitude of a true professional has become a reality within the last years while directing the Future of Latin Dance in the Rio Grande Valley, Klave FX. Omar hold a double certification in Latin Dance from both renounced Professional Latin Dance instructors, Stacy Lopez and Tito Ortos.  Omar represents the Rio Grand Valley in different events nationally and internationally. Charged with scouting professional dancing talent for the Brownsville Society of Performing Arts (BSPA) in promoting the performing arts in our community Omar has a great influence in the growth of the Latin Dance Scene in the RGV. Omar is a role model for the dancing community and is an active part of the creative process of the love, promotion, and growth of the art of Latin dance.

Alberto Mendoza – Director

(956) 222-4379 (Mission, TX) —

Alberto is the  Costume Design Artist for Sabor Vallero.  As an intern Architect that loves the arts in general, he has been dancing Cumbia, Redoba, Chotis, Guapango and all the regional dances for over 16 years. He gives his sister thanks for getting him  started. Alberto has participated in a number of competitions in the Cumbia world. In addition, Alberto has spent 7 years traveling and learning the art of salsa dancing gaining experience on1 as well as on2 for over 3 years. He comes from a family of Musicians, his  father was a musician, and has lived all his life around the art of playing music. This gives Alberto an understanding at variety of rhythms and genres. Alberto is a man of many talents, He is experienced with the accordion, one of the most difficult instruments to learn. He has 3 years playing the accordion and is still growing his knowledge in playing. He is competitive by nature and always strives for perfection. His discipline is displayed by his involvement in the Gracie Barra Jiujitsu Academy. As an instructor Alberto offers an array of knowledge from different experiences and disciplines. His Classes will leave intrigued wanting to learn more.


Julio Navarro – Assistant Director

(956) 588-8482 (Edinburg, TX ) —

Julio has displayed his great ability for Latin Dance in a very short period of time combining both his knowledge in the dance and his academia. As an Engineer, Julio brings a very objective focused approach to dancing. With only 2 years of Salsa Dancing experience, Julio has quickly raised through the rankings of Sabor Vallero. He is a valuable performer and instructor specializing in Salsa. This prestigious organization prides itself of having the best representing Sabor Vallero Latin Dance  Company. Julio is Salsa Certified, in the Sabor Vallero Curriculum. In 2012 and began his teaching career as an instructor taking on multiple classes through the Rio Grande Valley and quickly gained a spot on the coveted Sabor Vallero Latin Dance Company Pro Team. Julio has extensive musical knowledge and is continuing to grow his repertoire of Latin Dances.


Josie Velasco

Nancy Reyna

Ricardo Guardiola

Hilda Barr

Claudia Lopez

Zohe Gomez

Jaile David Martinez Lopez

Emily Bartholomew

Ernesto Garcia